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5pcs RealNaareal Coconut Water India’s No. 1 Quality of Organic Coconut Water specially imported from Bengaluru, Karnataka @Guaranteed Lowest Price


We import coconuts directly from Karnataka on daily basis.
We provide the HIGHEST Quality @ LOWEST Price.
RealNaareal assures that these are the best Quality coconuts and have a good quantity of water. Make it a habit to ensure good health for you and your family.

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As a part of the millennial generation and moving to Gen-Z, we found it interesting that some core values are still the same. Nature has still not changed. Bringing for you, the universal remedy and the most organic and favourite drink of all times, we are offering the best quality Naareals.

‘The Nature’ has blessed us with more than 15 varieties of coconuts.
Out of those the only 3 coconut siblings spreading love in North India have been recognised as mentioned below post.

*Prices are subjected to vary based on various factors like Mandi Rate, season etc.

Pia Kaushik

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